How To Fill An Empty Wall In A Living Room?

How to Fill an empty Wall in a Living Room?

Filling in an empty wall in the living room can be fun and give you a chance to add your own style and personality to the room. There are many ways to turn a blank wall into an interesting focus point, whether you like a simple look or a more eclectic one. To help you fill an empty wall in your living room, here is a list of things you can do.

Gallery Wall

A gallery wall is a popular choice because it lets you show off a group of photos, artwork, or other keepsakes. Using this method is an interesting way to fill a wall with pictures of your hobbies and memories.

How to Put Together a Gallery Wall

Pick a theme first. Pick a theme that runs through everything, like family photos, memories from trips, or abstract art. Next, get your pieces together. Put frames and art that goes with your theme on the floor and move them around until you like the way they look. Once you’re happy with how things are set up, move the layout to the wall, moving from the middle outward.

Statement Piece of Art

One big piece of art that makes a statement can be the dramatic center of attention in your living room. For people who like a cleaner, simpler look, this choice works well.

How to Pick the Right Piece of Art

When choosing a piece, think about how big your wall is. For a big wall not to look small or out of place, it needs a big piece. The art should fit in with your style and the colors in the room. The right piece of art can anchor your space and draw the eye, whether it’s a bright abstract picture, a calm landscape, or a large photograph.

Racks and shelves

Shelving units are a stylish and useful way to fill a blank wall. They have places to store and show off things like plants, books, and decorations.

Putting together your shelves

Pick the types of shelves that will work best for your needs and room. Built-in units have a more traditional look, while floating shelves give off a sleek, modern vibe. Mix books, plants, and artistic items on the shelves to make the room look more interesting. By making items of different heights and sizes, you can give the display more depth and dimension.


Filling up a wall with mirrors is a great idea, especially in smaller living rooms. They make it look like there is more room by reflecting light.

How to Use Mirrors Correctly

Pick a mirror that goes with the style of your room. A big framed mirror can be a focal point, or a group of smaller mirrors can be put together in a pattern for a one-of-a-kind look. Putting a mirror across from a window can let in more natural light and make the room brighter.

Add-On Wall

An accent wall can give your living room a pop of color or texture and turn an empty wall into a feature that stands out.

Putting together an accent wall

Choose a wall that you want to stand out by giving it a bright color of paint, wallpaper, or a textured finish. If you’re going to paint, pick a color that is different from everything else in the room to make it look interesting. Choose a design for your wallpaper that goes with the rest of your decor. Ends with different textures, like wood panels or brick veneer, can give a room more depth and warmth.

Tapestries and Art Made of Fabric

A warm and eclectic feel can be added to a living room with tapestries and fabric art. They can make a wall look warmer, more colorful, and more textured.

Fabric art to hang

Pick a piece of tapestry or fabric that fits the size of your wall and shows off your style. To make sure it hangs straight, use a rod or sticky hooks to hold it in place. Adding other things, like framed pictures or mirrors, on top of fabric art can give the room a rich, textured look.

Green plants and grass

Adding plants to your wall art is a great way to bring nature inside, making your living room feel more alive and fresh.

Setting up Plants

Hang pots or shelves on the wall to show off different kinds of plants. You can make a cascade effect with plants that trail, like pothos or ivy, or you can hang pots with bigger plants. Make sure the plants get enough light and care so they can grow well where they are hung on the wall.

Elements of sculpture

A bit of art can be added to your living room with sculptures like metal wall art or 3D installations.

Picking Out Sculptural Works

Pick out pieces that go with your style and the rest of your decor. A lively and textured look can be made with metal wall art, wood carvings, or ceramic pieces. Put these things on the wall in a way that makes it look balanced and draws attention to it without taking over the room.

Wall art that you can use

Functional wall art, like clocks or lights that are hung on the wall, is both useful and beautiful.

Adding Functional Art to Your Work

Pick out pieces that are useful and also look good in your room. A big, stylish clock can be the center of attention, and lights on the wall can add both light and interest. Make sure that these things are placed so that they look good and work well.


Putting something on an empty wall in your living room is a chance to show off your style and creativity. There are many ways to decorate a wall, such as with a gallery wall, a piece of statement art, shelves, mirrors, an accent wall, rugs, plants, sculptures, or useful wall art. Think about the style of the room as a whole and pick out items that go with and improve it. If you plan ahead and get creative, you can turn an empty wall into a beautiful part of your living room decor.

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